Graduate Students

Alison Renna's picture Alison Renna

World-making, secularism, modernity, science and technology studies, environmental ethics

Meenakshi A's picture Meenakshi A
Graduate Student, History

South Asia; Materiality; History of Technology; Environmental History; Built Environment.

Elena Adasheva-Klein's picture Elena Adasheva-Klein
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Environmental anthropology, postsocialism, human-environment relations, governance, the Russian Arctic

Kamil Ahsan's picture Kamil Ahsan
Graduate Student, History of Science

scale and the reef, intellectual history, philosophy of science, ecocriticism, STS

Allegra Ayida's picture Allegra Ayida
Graduate Student, History

Longue durée; Environmental and maritime history; Niger Delta; oil politics.

Shubhashree Basnyat's picture Shubhashree Basnyat
Graduate School Student

Postcolonial ecocriticism; Food systems and colonialism; Chronic illness; Health humanities. 

Samara Brock's picture Samara Brock
Graduate Student, Environment

Samara Brock is pursuing her PhD at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She holds a master’s in Community and Regional Planning from the University of British...

Jesse Bryant's picture Jesse Bryant
Graduate Student, Environment

cultural sociology, environmental media, extremism, violence, the American West

Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo
Graduate Student, History of Science and History of Medicine

Critical theories in science and religion; decolonial praxes in ethnography and environmental activism; diaspora of North American Indigenous religious, doctoring, and land-...

Ding-Liang Chen's picture Ding-Liang Chen
Graduate Student, American Studies and WGSS, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

history of science and technology; new media studies; transpacific; queer; decolonial; ecology

Breeanna Elliott's picture Breeanna Elliott
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

Africa; HSHM; ethnobotany; oral history; gender; Indian Ocean slave trade networks; traditional medicine and healing systems in Madagascar and Tanzania
Kristine Ericson's picture Kristine Ericson
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

Environmental history, STS, history of technology, history of design

Kristy Ferraro's picture Kristy Ferraro
Graduate Student, Environment

Ecology, Zoogeocehmistry, Animal Movement, Environmental and Animal Ethics, Eco-Philosophy 

Abigail Fields's picture Abigail Fields
Graduate Student, French

Abigail Fields is a PhD student in the Yale French Department. She is interested in the intersections of the history of science and literary criticism. Her work explores the...

Pierre Forfert's picture Pierre Forfert
Graduate School Student

19th- & 20th-century French literature; geocriticism; cartography; material culture; social history

Martha Guerrero Badillo's picture Martha Guerrero Badillo
Graduate Student, History

U.S. 20th-century history; Latin America; climate-driven migration; rural sustainability; indigenous migrants; U.S. immigration policy

Molly Harris's picture Molly Harris
Graduate Student, History

public health history, environmental history, twentieth century US history, environmental and public health politics, corporate pollution

Peter Haskin's picture Peter Haskin
Graduate Student, History

Latin American history; cartography; religious history

Gabrielle Hill's picture Gabrielle Hill
Graduate Student, African American Studies and English

Black Feminist Theory; 19th Century to 21st Century African American Poetry; Speculative Fiction; Eco-Criticism; Eco-Poetics
Shalini Iyengar's picture Shalini Iyengar
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Enviro-legal anthropology; Bay of Bengal; Place-making; Marine conservation; Transnational ocean governance.