Graduate Students

Kassidi Jones's picture Kassidi Jones
Graduate Student, English

African American literature, nineteenth-century poetry, Black ecocriticism, African American environmental history.

Lav Kanoi's picture Lav Kanoi
Graduate Student, Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Urban ecology, water, postcolonial studies, history and literature, language and linguistics, India

Sasha Karsavina's picture Sasha Karsavina
Graduate Student, Slavic Studies, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Soviet Speculative Lit, Environmental Humanities, Comparative Media Studies, Sino-Soviet Aesthetics

Theresa Kauder's picture Theresa Kauder
Graduate Student, German

Art History, Critical Theory, Posthumanism, Human and Nonhuman Rights, Curating Art and Environment.

Aishwarya Kazi's picture Aishwarya Kazi
Graduate Student, Anthropology, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

History of Development; Anthropology of the Anthropocene; Science, technology, and society

Colton Klein's picture Colton Klein
Graduate Student, History of Art, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

American visual culture; materiality; ecocriticism; environmental history; extractive industry

Caitlin Kossmann's picture Caitlin Kossmann
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

histories of the earth and evolutionary sciences, the Gaia hypothesis, the Anthropocene, feminist STS, Indigenous STS, myth and metaphor in science, gender and science...
Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson's picture Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson
Graduate Student, Film and Media Studies and Comparative Literature, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Extractivism, Anthropocene-historiography, Documentary study, environmental-media history of thought

Andrew Lanham's picture Andrew Lanham
Graduate Student, English

Twentieth-/21st-Century Novel; American literature; Philosophy and literary theory...

Dante LaRiccia's picture Dante LaRiccia
Graduate Student, History

Environmental governance; international and environmental systems; history of science; political ecology.

Polly Lauer's picture Polly Lauer
Graduate Student, History

Modern Latin America, Guatemala, Community Radio, Indigenous Rights, Violence and Resistance, Property Rights

Charlotte Leib's picture Charlotte Leib
Graduate Student, History

US history; early American environmental history; landscape history; histories of architecture, landscape architecture, planning & urbanism; urban studies;...

Al Lim's picture Al Lim
Graduate Student, Anthropology and School of the Environment

Cryptocurrency, Urban, Thailand, Environment

Oliver Lucier's picture Oliver Lucier
Graduate Student, History

History of Geography; History of Climate Science; Environmental History

Camila Marcone's picture Camila Marcone
Graduate Student, Medieval Studies

Climate history; Late Medieval Iberia; Early modern Latin America; Digital humanities; Environmental history.

Kate McNally's picture Kate McNally
Graduate Student, Anthropology

North Atlantic Fisheries; Uncertainty and Risk; Politics of Enclosure; Ethnography and Oral History; Biopolitics

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin
Graduate Student, History

Environmental history; Latin American history; political ecology; history of anthropology and development

Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan
Graduate Student, History

Sugar in Japan; society and the environment; commodities and trade; technology transfers; local history; agricultural experiments; island societies; Brazil and the Caribbean...

Jeania Ree Moore's picture Jeania Ree Moore
Graduate Student, African American Studies

theology, aesthetics, race, animals, creation

Mikhail Moosa's picture Mikhail Moosa
Graduate Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

African history; South African history; Environmental history; Energy history; Social history