Graduate Students

Liana DeMarco's picture Liana DeMarco
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

History of medicine and public health in the Caribbean and the American South; history of colonial and postcolonial medicine; environmental history; history of U.S....

Kristy Ferraro's picture Kristy Ferraro
Graduate Student, Environment

Ecology, Zoogeocehmistry, Animal Movement, Environmental and Animal Ethics, Eco-Philosophy 

Abigail Fields's picture Abigail Fields
Graduate Student, French

Abigail Fields is a PhD student in the Yale French Department. She is interested in the intersections of the history of science and literary criticism. Her work explores the...

Ted Hamilton's picture Ted Hamilton
Graduate Student, Comparative Literature

Ecocriticism, environmental law, Latin America, climate, environmental activism

Molly Harris's picture Molly Harris
Graduate Student, History

public health history, environmental history, twentieth century US history, environmental and public health politics, corporate pollution

Anna Hill's picture Anna Hill
Graduate Student, English

20th-/21st-Century literature; ecocriticism; visual arts; postcolonial studies; memory studies

Jason Hong's picture Jason Hong
Graduate Student, French

Francophone literature, postcolonial studies, world literature, the human and non-human, globalization 

Chelsea Jack's picture Chelsea Jack
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Substances and categories; how different people know what they know; knowledge and health; so-called alternative medicine; the politics of legitimacy; chemical exposures and...

Marta Kalabinski
Graduate Student, History

Modern Eastern European history; modern Western Europe and environmental history; ports, post-World War II urban reconstruction, the...

Lav Kanoi's picture Lav Kanoi
Graduate School Student

Urban ecology, water, postcolonial studies, history and literature, language and linguistics, India