Graduate Students

Miklós Veszprémi's picture Miklós Veszprémi
Graduate Student, Music

Origins of music; Evolutionary Theory; History of Science; Posthumanism; Environmental Law

Celine Vezina's picture Celine Vezina
Graduate Student, English

Medieval English literature, theories of the senses, ecocriticism, narrative and narratology, materiality.

Sarah Weston's picture Sarah Weston
Graduate Student, English

Blake, Romanticism, poetics, word and image, animal studies, eco-criticism, disability studies

Shoko Yamada's picture Shoko Yamada
Graduate Student, Anthropology

environmental anthropology; built environment; place; uncertainty and futurity; sustainability; state and development; Japan

Helen Yang's picture Helen Yang
Graduate School Student

Nineteenth-century American literature, transpacific studies, narratives of development/settlement, travel literature, environmental humanities

Nellie Yang's picture Nellie Yang
Graduate Student, East Asian Languages & Literatures

Chinese literature; natural history; herbology; imperial landscapes; environmental aesthetics.

Tony Yeboah's picture Tony Yeboah
Graduate Student, History

Africa: West Africa, architecture, the built environment, urban planning, palaceology

Marcus Yee's picture Marcus Yee
Graduate Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Southeast Asia; environmental history; Science and Technology Studies, Cold War, urban history

Yufang Gao's picture Yufang Gao
Graduate Student, Forestry & Environmental Studies and Anthropology

Wildlife conservation; cultural and environmental anthropology; human-wildlife coexistence; Tibetan Buddhism; China.

Parker Zane's picture Parker Zane
Graduate School Student

Mesopotamian intellectual history; Environmental history; Human-environment relations; History of meterology; Environmental archaeology.

Wen Zhou's picture Wen Zhou
Graduate Student, Forestry & Environmental Studies

Corporations & capitalist transformations, elephants & exceptions, forests & fear, Central Africa & China