Environmental Humanities Grant Program

In an effort to engage a wider public with humanities perspectives on environmental issues, we invite members of the Yale community, including students, faculty, and eligible staff, to submit proposals for funding for public humanities projects broadly related to the environment. Public humanities projects include any work that opens the fields of the humanities (broadly defined) to a diverse and lay public. Environment is defined broadly to include topics related to energy and climate, food and agriculture, human/environmental health, environmental justice, plant and animal species, urban and rural geographies and planning, and mining and other forms of extraction. 

Proposals for project funding can range from $250 to $3,000. Applicants contemplating larger projects are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. (Funding will be provided on a receipt-reimbursement or advance payment basis for material and logistical expenses. Funding is not available to pay salary for the person submitting the proposal.) Equipment may be purchased consistent with Yale University guidelines. Funds may also be used to cover expenses for materials (including posters and other promotional materials), and costs related to guest speakers and events, if approved by the grant committee.

Applications for the Spring 2024 Environmental Humanities grant cycle are now closed. Click here for more information about 2024 grant awardees.