Graduate Students

Caitlin Kossmann's picture Caitlin Kossmann
Graduate School Student

histories of the earth and evolutionary sciences, the Gaia hypothesis, the Anthropocene, feminist STS, Indigenous STS, myth and metaphor in science, gender and science...
Andrew Lanham's picture Andrew Lanham
Graduate Student, English

Twentieth-/21st-Century Novel; American literature; Philosophy and literary theory

Polly Lauer's picture Polly Lauer
Graduate Student, History

Modern Latin America, Guatemala, Community Radio, Indigenous Rights, Violence and Resistance, Property Rights

Cheng Li's picture Cheng Li
Graduate School Student

Modern Chinese Literature; ecocriticism; environmental history; East Asia; environmental justice

Joanna Linzer's picture Joanna Linzer
Graduate Student, History

Mountains; environmental history; Tokugawa Japan; early modern Japan

Oliver Lucier's picture Oliver Lucier
Graduate School Student

History of Geography; History of Climate Science; Environmental History

Tyler Lutz's picture Tyler Lutz
Graduate School Student

(In)Stability, precarity, and chaos; physics in (and as) literature; space, time, and the landscape; German Romanticism and its revenants; uncertainty and the aleatory.

Katie McConnell's picture Katie McConnell
Graduate Student, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Environmental sociology; critical geography; migration studies; North American West; environmental justice; regional planning

Kate McNally's picture Kate McNally
Graduate School Student

North Atlantic Fisheries; Uncertainty and Risk; Politics of Enclosure; Ethnography and Oral History; Biopolitics

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin
Graduate Student, History

Environmental history; Latin American history; political ecology; history of anthropology and development