Application Form

The 2024 grant cycle is closed for applications. 

Download the 2024 Environmental Humanities Grant Program Proposal Application Form (Word document will download) and submit it via the online webform.

Please use the Proposal Application Form in the following format while submitting your proposal. All items should be completed with attention to precision and conciseness. Application materials must be submitted via the online webform. In case of queries, please write to

Project Title: 

Name and Affiliation: Year and program of study (if applicable), department, etc.

Project Abstract: A short paragraph summarizing the proposed project  (100 words maximum)

Goals: A description of your project goals and the specific ways in which the project achieves those goals (250 words maximum)

Audience: Who is the intended audience or beneficiary of the proposed activity? How will you reach this audience with your project? (200 words maximum)

Personal Development and Commitment: How are the proposed activities relevant to your personal, professional, and/or academic development?  (150 words maximum)

Timeline: Timeline of tasks to complete in order to achieve your project goals. Please try as much as possible to account for current circumstances (travel and gathering restrictions, limited library access, etc.) in your timeline. Projects must be completed by May 2025. 

Collaborators: Who might collaborate with you in the proposed activities and what will they do? Please include brief bios or CVs for reference. (150 words maximum)

Diversity: How will your project increase your work with diverse constituencies/communities/groups with whom you don’t ordinarily work? (150 words maximum) 

Budget:  Please provide a detailed line-item budget in the format outlined below.  

Budget Format


Funds requested from EHP Grant

Fund requested from others (list source and status)

Total Budget

















Proposal Application Form (Word document will download)