Tony Andersson's picture Tony Andersson
Postgraduate Associate

Tony Andersson received his PhD in Latin American history from New York University in 2018. His dissertation, “Environmentalists with Guns: Conservation, Revolution, and...

Jennifer Banks's picture Jennifer Banks
Executive Editor Yale Press
Jean Thomson Black's picture Jean Thomson Black
Senior Executive Editor, Yale Press

Responsible for the publishing program at Yale University Press that includes the environmental history and environmental studies lists.

Mark Bomford's picture Mark Bomford
Director Yale Sustainable Food Program

Food and Agricultural Systems; Agroecology; Complexity Sciences; Soil Science; Science and Technology Studies; Political Ecology; Rural Sociology; Geographies of Food...

John Buchanan's picture John Buchanan
Postdoctoral Associate

John Buchanan is a founding member and the Director of Research for the Institute for Strategy and Policy, Myanmar, which is a Yangon-based think tank. He received his Ph.D....

Sakura Christmas's picture Sakura Christmas
Visiting Fellow

Sakura Christmas is an assistant professor of History and Asian Studies at Bowdoin College. Her research concerns the history of borderlands, environment, and imperialism in...

Paul Draghi's picture Paul Draghi

Mythic themes and characters from all periods and cultures that illustrate archetypal relationships between humans and nature. Information technology;...

Alder Keleman Saxena's picture Alder Keleman Saxena
Graduate Student Affiliate

Alder Keleman Saxena is an environmental anthropologist whose research explores the relationships linking agricultural biodiversity to food culture and nutritional health in...

Julia Mansfield's picture Julia Mansfield
Postdoctoral Associate in History

Early Modern Atlantic empires, mercantile capitalism, biological exchange, public health, and quarantine in the early United States

Caterina Scaramelli's picture Caterina Scaramelli
Postdoctoral Associate

Caterina Scaramelli received her PhD in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016. She is coming to Yale...