Graduate Students

Camila Marcone's picture Camila Marcone
Graduate Student, Medieval Studies

Climate history; Late Medieval Iberia; Early modern Latin America; Digital humanities; Environmental history.

Katie McConnell's picture Katie McConnell
Graduate Student, Environment

Environmental sociology; critical geography; migration studies; North American West; environmental justice; regional planning

Kate McNally's picture Kate McNally
Graduate Student, Anthropology

North Atlantic Fisheries; Uncertainty and Risk; Politics of Enclosure; Ethnography and Oral History; Biopolitics

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin
Graduate Student, History

Environmental history; Latin American history; political ecology; history of anthropology and development

Matthew Mendez's picture Matthew Mendez
Graduate Student, Music

Post-1945 experimental sound and music; media theory/cultural techniques; media ecology; voice studies; historical epistemology; “post-truth”

Brandon Menke's picture Brandon Menke
Graduate Student, English

Poetry and poetics; Nineteenth-/20th-Century literature; Contemporary poetry; Gender,...

Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan
Graduate Student, History

Sugar in Japan; society and the environment; commodities and trade; technology transfers; local history; agricultural experiments; island societies; Brazil and the Caribbean...

Jeania Ree Moore's picture Jeania Ree Moore
Graduate Student, African American Studies

theology, aesthetics, race, animals, creation

Julien Neel's picture Julien Neel
Graduate Student, French

20th/21st Century French Literature; Ecocriticism; Gender Studies and Feminism; Visual Studies.

Rundong Ning's picture Rundong Ning
Graduate Student, Anthropology

oil, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, economic anthropology, African and China studies