Graduate Students

Nicholas Robbins's picture Nicholas Robbins
Graduate Student, Art History

Art history; environmental history; landscape studies; Atlantic world studies; climate and climate change

Taylor Rose's picture Taylor Rose
Graduate Student, History

19th and 20th century US environmental history, North American West, race and identity, rural space and place, federal land management, transportation infrastructure

Aanchal Saraf's picture Aanchal Saraf
Graduate School Student, American Studies

Critical Race Theory; Feminist/Queer Theory; Political Ecology; Ethnography; Geography; Imperialisms in Asia/Pacific; Settler Colonialism; Performance Ecology

Tanmoy Sharma's picture Tanmoy Sharma
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Environmental anthropology; political economy; semiotics; flow and value; cosmologies and sovereignties; commodities and communities; energy and infrastructure; India and...

Anna Shechtman's picture Anna Shechtman
Graduate Student, Film and Media Studies
Lindsay Stern's picture Lindsay Stern
Graduate Student, Comparative Literature

Animal studies, science studies, philosophy of language, Kafka, Wittgenstein

Simon Torracinta's picture Simon Torracinta
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

History of the human sciences; histories of environmental and ecological thought; intellectual and cultural history of the Great Acceleration

Miklós Veszprémi's picture Miklós Veszprémi
Graduate Student, Music

Origins of music; Evolutionary Theory; History of Science; Posthumanism; Environmental Law

Celine Vezina's picture Celine Vezina
Graduate Student, English

Medieval English literature, theories of the senses, ecocriticism, narrative and narratology, materiality.

Sarah Weston's picture Sarah Weston
Graduate Student

Blake, Romanticism, poetics, word and image, animal studies, eco-criticism, disability studies