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Jane Tylus's picture Jane Tylus
Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of Italian

Early modern, landscape, rural, pastoral, labor

Ina Vandebroek's picture Ina Vandebroek
Lecturer in Forestry and Environmental Studies

Ethnobotany and community health; medicinal plant knowledge; Latino and Caribbean immigration

Michael Warner's picture Michael Warner
Seymour H. Knox Professor of English and Professor of American Studies

American literature and print culture; publics and social movements; climate change and the Anthropocene; new media, intellectual property...

Harvey Weiss's picture Harvey Weiss
Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Mesopotamia, early agriculture, cities and empires; Holocene paleoclimatology and environmental change.

Kenneth Winkler's picture Kenneth Winkler
Professor of Philosophy

Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, American Philosophy; environmental philosophy

Carl Zimmer's picture Carl Zimmer
Professor Adjunct

Teaching students how to use writing on environmental and scientific issues to reach a wide public audience.