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Anthony Acciavatti's picture Anthony Acciavatti
Diana Balmori Assistant Professor of Architecture

History of Science and Technology; Landscape; Architecture; Agriculture; Infrastructure

Giulia Accornero's picture Giulia Accornero
Postdoctoral Associate, Music

history of music theory; Arabic music theory;  media studies;, climatic determinism; music, sound, and climate theory

Santiago Acosta's picture Santiago Acosta
Assistant Professor

20th-21st Century Latin America; Literature and Visual Cultures; Energy Humanities; World-Ecology; Ecopoetics; Extractivism

Alvita Akiboh's picture Alvita Akiboh
Assistant Professor of History

United States history; U.S. imperialism; Caribbean; Pacific; material culture; identity; disaster studies

Sunil Amrith's picture Sunil Amrith
Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History

Modern South Asian, Southeast Asian and Indian Ocean history; the history of migration and diasporas; environmental history, especially the history of water and climate; the...