Yale to Host InterAsia Water(s) Graduate Conference

March 2, 2021
The Yale InterAsia Initiative will host the ‘InterAsia Water(s) Graduate Conference,’ a conference that seeks to bring together qualitative and humanistic approaches to the study of water in Asia. This conference will take place from May 28th-29th, 2021 and will bring the work of scholars and practitioners from around the world working across disciplines such as anthropology, art history, environmental studies, geography, history, law, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science and technology studies, sociology, and urban studies. 
Going past just policy-oriented debates on water scarcity and security, this conference aims to discuss rich emerging scholarship on water and waterscapes from different perspectives: biophysical, cultural, historical, and political. The conference seeks to discuss the temporalities of water, from past to present, and the imagined futures of water in and across Asian and interAsian regions. 
Leading up to the conference, Southeast Asian Studies student organizers have coordinated a series of film screenings and talks to complement the conference’s theme. You can read more about these film screenings and other events here.
To learn more about the InterAsian Water(s) Conference, visit their website here. Submissions to present at this conference are currently being accepted until March 5, 2021.