Panel on land conservation addresses ethical complexities

April 6, 2023
How can you incorporate environmental justice into land conservation efforts when the challenges of entrenched hierarchal structures, economic inequity, and unequal access to nature still loom large? Add to this the impacts of climate change and you have a daunting mix of issues influencing our relationship with land.
During a panel discussion held at Yale’s Luce Hall March 31, which was  co-sponsored by the Wyss Foundation,  conservationists addressed the complexity of land ethics. Panelists included author Bill McKibben, founder of and Third Act, which organizes people over the age of 60 for climate action and justice; Sierra Club President Ramón Cruz; Yale School of the Environment alum Rae Wynn Grant ’10 MESc, a wildlife ecologist and research fellow at National Geographic; and YSE lecturer Pat Gonzales-Rogers, former director and current consultant for the Bears Ears Coalition. The discussion was moderated by Marlyse Duguid, Thomas J. Siccama Senior Lecturer in Field Ecology and Yale Forests director of research.
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