“New Perspectives in Environmental History.” A Conference at Yale

"New Perspectives in Environmental History" Conference Poster
April 22, 2017

Yale Environmental History hosted its sixth annual “New Perspectives in Environmental History” conference on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  The conference included three moderated panel sessions featuring papers by doctoral students from eight different universities. The first session, “TRANSNATIONAL COMMODITIES,” examined borders and boundaries in Pacific fisheries, the Lebanese oil complex, and the global exchange of nitrogen.  The second panel, “LIVING EMPIRES,” considered the exchange of nonhuman animals in the Atlantic slave trade; domesticity and ecological adaptation in colonial Philadelphia; and the colonizing laboratory of Egyptian cotton farms.  The third session, “NATURE BY DESIGN,” explored its theme around four stories: the protection of a hybrid landscape at Cape Cod National Seashore; the imagining of a Pleistocene museum at the La Brea Tar Pits; the creation of a living wall of trees on the Sino-Nomadic border; and the emergence of an adaptive and opportunistic agricultural landscape in the Ottoman empire. The conference concluded with faculty-led discussions on using science in environmental history, transnational commodities, public engagement and scholarship, and animal history.

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