Abbas Amanat (ed.), “Environment in Iran: Changes and Challenges,” Iranian Studies 49(6) (2016)

December 7, 2016

Even to an untrained eye, Irans environmental landscape appears bleak. Drying or dried up lakes, polluted rivers and brooks, thirsty cities with polluted air, sandstorms and bird-less skies, vanishing orchards and gardens in the vicinity of cities and villages, the victims of urban growth, species on the verge of extinction, pasturelands serving as urban wastebaskets, with plastic bags instead of blooming poppies, hazardous waste- waters destroying fish, insects, and humans alike, shrinking forests invaded by cars and villas, or else exploited by the timber industry, and, of course, scarcity of water almost everywhere.

In-depth study of Irans environmental problems, as presented in this special issue, only confirms the general impression outlined above. 

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