Graduate Certificate in Environmental Humanities: Application and Requirements Checklist

Certificate Application
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Coursework Requirements
Each student takes three elective courses. Electives are normally graduate courses in the humanities focusing entirely or substantially on environmental themes, broadly defined. At least one of the courses should involve approximately 50% of its material from outside a student’s home department or discipline.
Please enter the title of Elective Course 3
Submit an essay of 4000-8000 characters (1-2 pages single-spaced) that explains your approach to the environmental humanities and that justifies the courses that you have taken as part of the certificate program.
Research Presentation Requirement
Students must demonstrate the capacity to pursue independent, interdisciplinary research in Environmental Humanities by presenting a qualifying paper at a meeting of the Environmental Humanities Workshop, Graduate Research Symposium, or other approved venue.
Workshop: “Topics in the Environmental Humanities I and II”
“Topics in the Environmental Humanities," the Environmental Humanities workshop, is a half-credit course that meets six times a semester to explore concepts, methods, and pedagogy, and to share student and faculty research. The workshop is offered in both the fall and spring semesters, and students must complete the yearlong sequence.
Fall Semester: Keywords and Major Currents
Spring Semester: Pedagogy and Practice
Teaching and Public Humanities Requirement
Students may fulfill the teaching requirement by serving as a teaching fellow for an approved environmental humanities course or by completing an approved public humanities project. Other options are available to students if appropriate courses are not available. Such options must be approved by the student's PhD Advisor (or Environmental Humanities advisor, where applicable) and DGS.

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