“Shrinking, Gasping, & Disappearing Fish” Panel (The Law, Ethics, & Animals Program)

Event time: 
Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 12:15pm to 1:15pm
https://yale.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YYgeZ6e1RIGSnVMBxj7P1A See map
Event description: 

Beneath the waves, marine ecosystems are suffering. Climate change is making the world’s oceans hotter, more acidic, and less oxygen rich at a time when fish already face warlike industrial overfishing around the globe. Human pressures are causing fisheries to disappear, driving marine animals towards the poles, shrinking the size of fish bodies, fueling cyclones and floods, and shifting currents. With three billion people relying on fish as a primary source of protein, this looming ecological collapse poses profound risk to humanity. In short, we are in hot water — but making radical changes now could have an enormous, healing impact. This panel will address the questions: How are industrial fishing and climate change impacting the world’s marine ecosystems? What international actions need to be taken to protect the ocean’s health and biodiversity in the face of a changing climate?


  • Daniel Pauly, Professor and Principal Investigator of the Sea Around Us project at the University of British Columbia and leading international expert on the human impacts on global fisheries

  • Jennifer Jacquet, New York University professor who studies environmental science and collective action problems

  • Tabitha Grace Mallory, University of Washington professor, founder of the China-Ocean Institute, and expert in Chinese environmental & marine policy

  • Moderated by Chris Ewell (LAW ‘22), a Law, Ethics, & Animals Program student fellow.

Presented as part of the Law, Ethics, & Animals Program’s One Health speaker series, co-sponsored by the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, the Yale Sustainable Food Program, the Yale Animal Law Society, the Yale Environmental Law Association, and the Environmental Protection Clinic at YLS.