Sara Caples and Everardo Jefferson (Caples Jefferson Architects), “Erasing Invisibility” (Yale School of Architecture)

Event time: 
Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 6:30pm
Hastings Hall (180 York Street) See map
Event description: 
Sara Caples and Everardo Jefferson are Principals and cofounders of Caples Jefferson Architects. Their most recent book is Many Voices: Architecture for Social Equity.
Caples Jefferson’s social equity work has gained national recognition in the US and has been published internationally for its exceptional design qualities. Among its most notable projects are Heritage Health & Housing social services agency, located in a former garage in Harlem; Queens Theatre-in-the-Park, expanding a World’s Fair building into a public theatre; and Weeksville, a new visitor’s building and campus built around a rediscovered freedmen’s preservation site. Their new museum building complementing Louis Armstrong’s house in Corona, New York will open this summer.
Sara is a practicing architect who has worked on social equity projects for over 30 years. Everardo’s community service has included serving on the boards of social justice and educational institutions, and he is currently acting as a Commissioner of the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission.
Everardo and Sara frequently teach as guest educators in schools of architecture, most recently jointly as Davenport Professors at Yale University, and Sara as a Fellow for Innovation in Engagement at Pratt Institute.