Peter Sutoris (University of York), “Educating for the Anthropocene: Schooling and Activism in the Face of Slow Violence” (South Asian Studies Council)

Event time: 
Thursday, April 27, 2023 - 4:30pm
Online via Zoom, and Luce Hall 202 (34 Hillhouse Avenue) See map
Event description: 
Education has never played as critical a role in determining humanity’s future as it does in the Anthropocene, an era marked by humankind’s unprecedented control over the natural environment. Drawing on a multisited ethnographic project among schools and activist groups in India and South Africa, Peter Sutoris explores education practices in the context of impoverished, marginal communities where environmental crises intersect with colonial and racist histories and unsustainable practices. He exposes the depoliticizing effects of schooling and examines cross-generational knowledge transfer within and beyond formal education. Finally, he calls for the bridging of schooling and environmental activism, to find answers to the global environmental crisis. The event is in a hybrid format. Register here for the Zoom event.