Michael Cepek, (UT, San Antonio), “Indigenous Colonization - Territorial Dispossession, Shamanic Violence, and Anthropological Ethics in Amazonia Ecuador” (YSE BIOMES)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 12:00pm
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Michael Cepek’s research explores the relationship between environmental change, cultural difference, and political power at the margins of global orders. In Cepek’s studies with Indigenous Cofán people in the Amazonian forests, Andean foothills, and capital city of Ecuador, he investigates cultural politics, environmental conservation projects, and environmental justice movements from the perspective of longstanding concerns in social theory and emerging debates in the anthropology of Latin America. In Cepek’s last project, he produced an ethnographic account of the oil-related transformation of Cofán lands, which lie at the epicenter of Ecuador’s petroleum industry. In his current project, he is studying the ways in which Cofán shamans negotiate relations between humans and nonhumans in the context of intercultural violence, invasion, and dispossession. 

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