Indu Krishnan (Director), “Good Guy Bad Guy: Q&A with Director Indu Krishnan” (Yale School of the Environment)

Event time: 
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 12:00pm
Event description: 

Indu Krishnan’s ‘Good Guy Bad Guy’ is the story of the engaging yet elusive Zakhir, a young recycler she befriends in her native Bangalore and follows over several years. At once alone and part of a shifting circle of acquaintances and employers, Zakhir navigates urban precarity with a kind of enigmatic pragmatism, refusing steady employment for the freedom from obligation and reinventing his dreams when they fail to materialize. Good Guy Bad Guy is a story of street life and celluloid fantasy, family and violence, tenderness and inconstancy.

We will provide a link to view the film upon registration and we will host a Q&A with the Director.