Danielle Raad and Yechen Zhao (Yale University Art Gallery), “Systematic Thinking Between Art and Science” (Yale Schwarzman Center)

Event time: 
Tuesday, May 2, 2023 - 12:00pm
Yale Schwarzman Center See map
Event description: 
Systems help artists, scientists, researchers, and scholars across disciplines organize their thoughts and the world around them—categorizing and sorting both concrete objects and abstract concepts. From symbolic languages to ethnography, from environmental surveying to the writing of Black history, how can visual art highlight different facets of this interdisciplinary approach?
Join Lead Sessionists Danielle Raad and Yechen Zhao, postdoctoral fellows at the Yale University Art Gallery, in this Session to discuss how their new installation of photography at the Yale University Art Gallery addresses the overlap between artistic and scientific methodologies. 
Current Exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery: Systematic Thinking | Yale University Art Gallery
Virtual Talk: Wednesday March 1, 12:30pm: Virtual Program, E-Conversation, Systematic Thinking | Yale University Art Gallery
Lead Sessionists: Danielle Raad, Yechen Zhao
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