CANCELED Derrick Pottle (Artist), “A Life of Living on the Land and Sea” (BIOMES)

Event time: 
Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Event description: 
Derrick Pottle was born and raised in Rigolet, Labrador and lives a traditional Inuk lifestyle as a hunter and gatherer; he loves being out on the land. He still hunts and prepares caribou, moose, seal, polar bear, fox, and wolf hides in the traditional Inuit way. The changes he has seen over the years, allow him to bring awareness to the challenges Inuit face in today’s world. Derrick shares knowledge and skills of living and surviving on the land.
He is a stone carver and is experienced in long-distance travel in and around Nunatsiavut and Nunavik. While in town, Derrick teaches stone carving to students and adults, and has a company which teaches bear safety and traditional Inuit survival skills to the public. 
Derrick has worked with Ashlee Cunsolo ( Ashlee Cunsolo, PhD
Founding Dean, School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies
Labrador Institute of Memorial University, Researcher | Educator | Environmental Advocate)
for the past 15 years regarding the impact of climate change on Inuit lifestyle, mental health and all around well-being.  He has done numerous interviews with researchers and academics worldwide interested in what is happening in the North.  Having travelled through the North West Passage by ship 10 times over the years, as well as visiting many Inuit communities in Greenland, he says “As Inuit we all share the same concerns.”
Derrick loves to live on the land.