Assan Sarr (Ohio University), “The Making of a Tijaniyya Muslim Community in the Lower Gambia Region: Agriculture, Spirituality, and Politics, c. 1950-1996” (Agrarian Studies Colloquium)

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Friday, February 24, 2023 - 11:00am
Online via Zoom, and 230 Prospect Street, Room 101 See map
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The Agrarian Studies weekly colloquium features invited specialists who pre-circulate papers as the basis for an organized discussion by the faculty and graduate students associated with the colloquium. The Friday colloquium explores the mutual perceptions between countryside and city and the patterns of cultural and material exchange, extraction, migration, credit, legal systems, and political order that link them. Further details on each speaker and their workshop paper are circulated a few weeks prior to their visit.

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Yale Community Only