Annu Jalais (Krea University), “Traveling Monk and Tiger Stories: Nonhumans from the Dunhuang Caves to the Bengal Delta” (South Asian Studies Council)

Event time: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 12:00pm
Luce Hall 203 (34 Hillhouse Avenue) See map
Event description: 
Speaker: Annu Jalais, Anthropology, Krea University, India
Bio: Dr Annu Jalais is an environmental anthropologist working on the human–animal interface, environmental justice, religious identity, caste and migration, particularly in Bangladesh and India. Her work engages in interdisciplinary research that brings together anthropological, environmental and historical methods and materials. She recently completed work on two grants – Non-humans and zoonoses: what do they tell us about ourselves? (awarded by UParis and NUS), which brings together Asian artists, academics and young scholars to collaborate and teach environmental humanities today; and The Southern Collective (awarded by the Social Science Research Council [SSRC]), to build a Transdisciplinary Collaboratory in the Northern Indian Ocean, in partnership with the Dakshin Foundation, where she is also an Adjunct Fellow.