Steering Committee

Timothy Brown
Assistant Editor, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Storytelling, environmental education, environmental justice, social ecology

Paul Burow
Graduate Student, Forestry & Environmental Studies and Anthropology

Social and political ecology of forests, wildlife conservation, settler colonialism, Native North America, environmental humanities

Deborah Coen
Professor, History of Science and Medicine

History of science and technology; physical and earth sciences; climate; European History; cultural history.

Carlos Nugent
Graduate Student, English

20th-century U.S. literature; 20th-century Latina/o literature; eco-criticism, environmental history, and the environmental humanities; media studies; U.S. ethnic...

Jennifer Raab
Assistant Professor in the History of Art

American art and visual culture; the history of photography, aesthetic theory, the history of science; the relationship between literary and visual representation...

Paul Sabin
Professor of History and American Studies

United States environmental history, energy politics, and political, legal, and economic history

Ashanti Shih
Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

History of ecology, environmental history, Asian American studies, Pacific Islander studies, visual studies, postcolonial studies

Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan
Dinakar Singh Professor of Anthropology and Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Co-Director, Program in Agrarian Studies

Environmental history and political anthropology of forests, agriculture, human-animal relations, and urban environments in India

Gary Tomlinson
John Hay Whitney Professor in the Music Department and Professor of Humanities; Director, Whitney Humanities Center

European classical music; jazz; the music of indigenous American societies; cultural and anthropological theory; the philosophy of history, affect theory,...

Mary Evelyn Tucker
Senior Lecturer, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Divinity School, and Religious Studies

Religion and ecology; Asian religions; Confucianism; Environmental Humanities