Graduate Students

Matthew O'Malley's picture Matthew O'Malley
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Landscapes & worlds; atmospheres & moods; ecological poetics & aesthetics; natural history & field guides; walking; field work (what is a field? what is...

Kaggie Orrick's picture Kaggie Orrick
Graduate Student, School of the Environment

Social-Ecological Systems; applied conservation; human-wildlife interactions

George Papamatthaiakis's picture George Papamatthaiakis
Graduate Student, School of Architecture

Infrastructure, operational landscapes, coasts, STS, environmental geography

Federica Parodi's picture Federica Parodi
Graduate Student, Italian Studies

Italian cultural studies; sound studies; performance; women, gender and sexuality studies; postcolonial theory

Hsin-Yuan Peng's picture Hsin-Yuan Peng
Graduate Student, Comparative Literature and Film & Media Studies

Meteorological cinema; media studies; history of photography; history of science and technology; philosophy

Sarah Pickman's picture Sarah Pickman
Graduate Student, Department of History - Program in History of Science and Medicine

material culture, extreme environments, history of exploration, polar regions, history of anthropology, British and American imperialism, indigenous approaches to...

Peter Raccuglia's picture Peter Raccuglia
Graduate Student, English

American literature and music; sound studies; transatlantic studies; media history and...

Harshavardan Raghunandhan's picture Harshavardan Raghunandhan
Graduate Student, History

Modern South Asia; Political economy; Environmental history; Public health.

Alison Renna's picture Alison Renna
Graduate Student, Religious Studies

World-making, secularism, modernity, science and technology studies, environmental ethics

Taylor Rose's picture Taylor Rose
Graduate Student, History

19th and 20th century US environmental history, North American West, race and identity, rural space and place, federal land management, transportation infrastructure